ETERNALISM / Ψ Psi – Keren Batok & Philip Pace – interview

What do you want to express by the the sounds / lyrics?

Keren: I think we don’t separate them from each other – we are translating words into sounds, and vice versa.

Philip: True artistic expression is as natural as breathing is – it doesn’t need a want to justify its existence. It just is. But if there is to be a want, it’s to express something which nobody else is expressing.

Any inspirations?

Keren: Words, dreams, a bit of alchemy and science. But ‚the Word’ is the beginning of my inspiration: sometimes I just read, hear or see a word, and I know I want it .

Philip: I would say anything, and everything, which flees understanding, and which leaves a lasting impression.

I see that the visual side of this project is also important. Why?

Keren: Because, as I said, dreams are part of the inspiration. Sometimes I just think using visuals. Also, visuals are good in building metaphors.

Philip: Art is all about aesthetics, and coherence in aesthetic choice. That is why all the senses are important, because by complementing each other they deliver a more powerful message. As they say – a picture can express a thousand words, a sound can express a thousand pictures.

Yesterday was the premiere of „Eternalism”. Tell us something more about this track.

Keren: I don’t like to talk about the work which is finished. I think it may influence the listener, which I don’t want, but there is a fact which could be mentioned: We started our work on the composition a few months ago, we used the voice of Stephen Hawking to express the concept of parallel universes, possibilities of time travelling, or even we could put it all into one simple (doubtful) word – “Time”. Using Stephen’s voice for my poem was Philip’s idea and when later Stephen passed away … well I am not sure how to put it in words, that was a very intense feeling, to have this track, those words uttered by him, and to know – now you are releasing a tribute to the most significant scientist of our era … it is still sad for me – that I won’t wake up to see some science news from him.

Philip: ‚Eternalism’ is the product of the time around which it was composed, but also of something deeper, something eternal. As Keren rightly commented – we would prefer it to remain open to interpretation. It’s the listener / viewer who should also be involved in and contribute to the work. That’s the beauty of art.

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