ETERNALISM / Ψ Psi – Keren Batok & Philip Pace – interview

Read the interview with Ψ / Psi – a new colaboration between Keren Batok (Georgia) and Philip Pace from Poland. (English only) 

Psi (Keren Batok and Philip Pace)
Psi (Keren Batok and Philip Pace)

Ψ / Psi – What genre of music is it?

Keren: That’s a good question. Even better: “Is it simply music? ” “What is Psi?” I may sound ambitious, but Psi (for me) stands a few steps beyond music: Psi is a concept, a perception, an idea, but what is more important – it is a concept which is still growing, we are building it. All of our work is part of that concept, of that idea, it is like tiny pieces of a huge mosaic and with time you will be able to see a clearer image of what was behind all we have done, of what Psi is and if you have that ‚Psi – perception’, or let’s put it another way – a ‚Psi – lens’ through which you look at the world and society around. That’s why I often say: “Psi your mind”, which also means “don’t take me too seriously”. Oh, and just wait till our audiobook comes out!

Philip: Psi is everything that it is, and everything that it is not – yet(!), that is. Rightfully so, we adopted the project’s name from quantum physics – the ‚Wave Function’ to be precise. It’s all about finding probability in uncertainty. An aesthetically pleasing and fitting outcome of our creative endeavors is highly likely, but never defined and definite from the onset. We enjoy the freedom of creativity, it’s a kind of ‚intended surrender.’ Strict categorising is limiting. I’ve always naturally drifted towards the ambiguous – ‚the outskirts’ – when it comes to genres, be it music or any type of art. I find those territories most appealing and exciting.

Who makes the music, who writes the lyrics?

Keren: All the music is written by Philip. I work with words.

Philip: It all starts with words discharged by Keren, and then those words become sounds and images in my mind’s ear and eye. It has become a natural creative process and supports the workflow. Another thing that I am very grateful we never had issues with is ego clash – we greatly respect each other’s ideas and points of view, thus praising rather than criticising, but most importantly – complementing each other’s work. Also, there is a kind of telepathy between us – we communicate through ‚psi messages’ without the need to explain things in detail. That’s probably the second reason why we decided to call our project ‚Psi’.

Ψ / Psi
Ψ / Psi

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